Stop Sparing Their Feelings! Tell Them They Snore


I know it’s hard, but sometimes we have to say something a bit hurtful to our loved ones in order to help them. Many people don’t realize this, but sometimes the right thing doesn’t feel good doing, and in cases when someone has an embarrassing problem, like snoring loud, you just have to tell them, especially if you love them. There are numerous reasons for this, and all of them valid and not just personal thoughts in the matter, when you love someone, in order to help them and spare them from further embarrassments you just have to tell it to them straight to their face.

One of the most important reasons for telling a loved one that he or she snores pretty badly is for the sake of knowing if they have a health condition. While sometimes snoring is just something that happens because we age and are just out of shape, snoring could also mean that you have an underlying condition, some even saying that loud snoring has a correlation with hear decease. There is a condition known as sleep apnea, which practically means that while you sleep you suddenly stop breathing at times. Which doesn’t sound much at first, but after thinking over the “not breathing” part, will definitely concern you. It is only by notifying your loved one would you be able to help them know if they have a condition that could be treated if found earlier on.


Another reason is social reason.  One day your loved one will have to sleep with another group, and depending on how close your loved one is to this group, the reaction of both sides to his snoring problem might vary from embarrassing to traumatizing. If you let your loved one be aware of his or her problem before hand you allow them to be prepared to deal with the situation.

A third reason would be his or her future relationships. Snoring is one of the leading medical reasons for divorces in the US, and some of these relationships don’t even have any problem other than the spouse snoring. If you allow your loved one to know about his or her condition before hand, they would be able to prepare through snoring devices or getting his condition successfully treated before this problem occurs, allowing the divorce rate to lower even to a miniscule amount.

So in conclusion, there are more reasons for you to tell your loved one about their snoring problem compared to just sparing their feelings. And while you do succeed in sparing the feelings of your loved one now, you might end up just delaying a more terrible experience of being made aware of it in a situation where there was no one there to console them.

Snoring is a real problem many hare experiencing today, you should allow the people you know and love to deal with it earlier, allowing them to live normal lives, with healthier relationships and without experiencing a terrible discomfort.

Worst Experience with a Snorer

There is at least one time in our life that we have experience discomfort or the lack of ability to sleep due to the snoring of someone else other than you. My experience was with my uncle during a trip out of town. Though I am quite fond of hanging out with my uncle, and I feel no ill will against him, the nights that I had to share a hotel room was the worst.

Every year my family goes to these big outing around the country, and every year a few of us have to share a room with our youngest uncle. And while uncle Jules is one of the coolest uncles you would ever meet, sharing a room with him is terrible for your sleep. There was even one time when we decided to give him the whole cabin, saying that we wanted to explore the woods at night. Though you could guess that wasn’t exactly a well thought out plan, as we just returned tired from the woods and still being unable to sleep because of our uncle’s snoring.

It was so bad that we had to tell him of his condition, which he already knew about. One trip we even offered to buy him a snoring device, like a MAD, or TSD, or even a sleep apnea device which running motor would have been a sweet lullaby compared to the noise that was my uncle’s snoring.

It was not until one day, after years of every family trip, did I get my vengeance. Apparently I started snoring very loudly later in my life as well, I had already been informed of this, and was waiting for the doctor’s advice on what treatment I should do. But that night I volunteered to sleep in the same room as uncle Jules, whose snore apparently was beaten by mine.

The next day I saw a somewhat tired uncle Jules drinking coffee, my plans has succeeded and I finally got my revenge. And when I was told by my uncle that my snoring was way too loud, I just replied with “don’t worry I have a doctor helping me with that”

So in the end, the worst snorer in life finally met his match.

Realizing I Snore, and Snore Loud

The hardest thing to admit is when you have a problem,  it doesn’t have to be an addiction or something similar, it just hast to be something that is personally hard to admit because of pride, fear of rejection, or just plain embarrassment. That was my case when I first learned that I snored, while I was aware that I did, I never realized that it was to a point that it disturbed people to the point that they couldn’t even sleep. Being told by an annoyed friend of a friend was pretty bad, though I thank her now since she did allow me to face my problem.

It all started when I, my friends, and a couple other people went on a camping trip, which started out amazing, with all the adventurous things we did the first day, which included rafting and rock climbing, among other things. It was the day after did I realized that most of the other campers looked like they didn’t get any sleep, incidentally they were the ones that shared the same tent as me, though it would not be long until I realize that it was more connected than I thought it was.

After another adventurous day, while eating dinner I noticed that some of the people wanted to change sleeping arrangements for some reason, though I paid no attention to it. It was when I decided to bunk with one of my friends and change sleeping arrangements too, sleeping in the same tent as one of my previous tent-mates, did she snap and told me the reason why they wanted to change the sleeping arrangement. I might admit that I was pretty outraged that she chose that manner to tell me about my problem, but thinking back, I would be annoyed as well if I was not able to sleep a whole night.

After the camping trip, I decided to go to a doctor to ask if there was anything he can do for me, he did and it lasted quite some time before he came to me with a diagnosis. It seems as though that I was suffering from sleep apnea, he told me all about the dos and don’ts which made everything clearer. The night of the incident, we were all drinking, which as my doctor explained; caused my muscles to relax a bit more increasing the sound of my snoring.

But even without drinking it seems as though I have a tendency to stop breathing while sleeping, right not we are still trying to figure out the cause of my condition, and every night I sleep with a snoring device called a sleep apnea machine, which allows me to continuously breath, by way of forcing air through the use of the machine.

I realize now that I have a serious condition that needed to be dealt with, and while a appreciate my friends trying not to hurt my feelings, it is that one person who told me about how loud I snore that allowed me to deal with my condition and  look for help.

I had Enough of Sleeping in The Living Room


For the last two months, I have been sleeping in the living room, the wife kicked me out of the room. Don’t worry though, it’s because of my snoring. Then again, snoring is one of the leading medical reasons for people to get divorced, which is why I put up with the whole sleeping in the living room arrangement. By no means though, does my wife no longer love me, the morning breakfast on… Couch…  proves that. But I do miss sleeping in the same room as her, among other things, like an actual bed. So to remedy my situation I have decided to go to a doctor earlier this week and things are looking up.

So the good news is that I do not have sleep apnea, or any major problem like that, the bad news is, getting rid of my snoring is still a problem. One way to help with reducing or even eliminating my snoring would be for me to lose weight, which a lot of you readers over the age of 30 knows is a hard thing for a middle aged man to do, though I will still do my best in losing weight, it will still take time for me to get the desired results to get back into my room.

While I am quite desperate, I still don’t think surgery is an option for now, since I have this thing against cutting a piece of me without a life or death reason. But if all else fails, I will have no choice but to go under the knife, for the sake of my marriage, and for the sake of finally sleeping in my own room for the first time in months.

Fortunately enough there are several anti snoring devices that would allow me to sleep relatively silently, these snoring devices have been proven to help reduce or even eliminate the noise of snoring. And while the pictures of people using it seem a bit disturbing and ridiculous, you can’t argue with results. So I looked for the perfect fit, for the device that is best suited for me, my glass slipper if you will. It wasn’t easy or cheap, though I decided to pass on the sleep apnea machine (I don’t even know how people sleep with that mask on), the relatively cheaper plastic devices were still pretty pricey. The tongue stabilizing one worked well, but I had issues with my tongue sticking out while I am sleeping, so I decided with the mouth guard, which was pretty easy to use since I used to wear something similar back when I was a sporty  young man.

In the end I found the solution, like a kid who didn’t want to drink his medicine, I was worried for nothing, though searching for a solution pretty much hurt my wallet, I found a solution to my snoring without getting a piece cut out of me, which coupled with me sleeping with my wife again, is, personally, a monumental success.

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