Amity in Fame

Monday 4th of July 2011

Amity in Fame

Amity In Fame supply some dramatic weighty tones with an acoustic rock sound that doesn't play by the acoustic rule-book.

In 'Shine', the vocal is serious and brooding with proper grunge pedigree. This song has the feel of a soundtrack, with twists and turns along its scorched path.

'The Kraken' follows like an acoustic version of System Of A Down with clever exotic guitar work and loads of quick chops. There's a gargantuan instrumental solo section before a frantic final half-minute finale.

More traditionally acoustic, 'Through' sets a different tone, but still has plenty of substance. It's like a rock-ballad, but without all the sickening wetness.

This is a great record from Amity In Fame, acoustic, but heavy.

Author: Michael Beck

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