Caroline Ty
They Are Only Human, But We Treat Them Like Gods EP

Wednesday 25th of May 2011

Caroline Ty

"Nu-jazz, dub bass, old skool funky beats and haunting strings" and the order of the day from Caroline Ty, on her new EP 'They Are Only Human, But We Treat Them Like Gods'.

'Tub Dub (Sure Footed)' is a crazy start to this record with a syncopated beat and unhinged backing vocals. The beat muscles its way into the track and adds positive direction to the song.

Sounding like one of Polly Harvey's darker tracks, 'Beyond Repair' has a weighty beat and solid bass tones for Caroline's voice to drift over. The rhythm section is like Lunascape crossed with Ava Adore era Smashing Pumpkins.

'Peppermint Rock' is a haunting song that probably best demonstrates Caroline's unique vocal. This track has lots of strings and let's the voice do all the important stuff like an early 90s alt-pop singer.

Also suiting the vocal really well, 'I Love You, I'm Sorry' rounds off the record with an emotive floaty feel with a choppy beat.

This record gets better the further you get through it. 'Peppermint Rock' is a really strong track and while it isn't as quirky as 'Tub Dub', it really shows what Caroline's voice can do to a song.

Author: Steve

Label: Self-Released

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