I had Enough of Sleeping in The Living Room


For the last two months, I have been sleeping in the living room, the wife kicked me out of the room. Don’t worry though, it’s because of my snoring. Then again, snoring is one of the leading medical reasons for people to get divorced, which is why I put up with the whole sleeping in the living room arrangement. By no means though, does my wife no longer love me, the morning breakfast on… Couch…  proves that. But I do miss sleeping in the same room as her, among other things, like an actual bed. So to remedy my situation I have decided to go to a doctor earlier this week and things are looking up.

So the good news is that I do not have sleep apnea, or any major problem like that, the bad news is, getting rid of my snoring is still a problem. One way to help with reducing or even eliminating my snoring would be for me to lose weight, which a lot of you readers over the age of 30 knows is a hard thing for a middle aged man to do, though I will still do my best in losing weight, it will still take time for me to get the desired results to get back into my room.

While I am quite desperate, I still don’t think surgery is an option for now, since I have this thing against cutting a piece of me without a life or death reason. But if all else fails, I will have no choice but to go under the knife, for the sake of my marriage, and for the sake of finally sleeping in my own room for the first time in months.

Fortunately enough there are several anti snoring devices that would allow me to sleep relatively silently, these snoring devices have been proven to help reduce or even eliminate the noise of snoring. And while the pictures of people using it seem a bit disturbing and ridiculous, you can’t argue with results. So I looked for the perfect fit, for the device that is best suited for me, my glass slipper if you will. It wasn’t easy or cheap, though I decided to pass on the sleep apnea machine (I don’t even know how people sleep with that mask on), the relatively cheaper plastic devices were still pretty pricey. The tongue stabilizing one worked well, but I had issues with my tongue sticking out while I am sleeping, so I decided with the mouth guard, which was pretty easy to use since I used to wear something similar back when I was a sporty  young man.

In the end I found the solution, like a kid who didn’t want to drink his medicine, I was worried for nothing, though searching for a solution pretty much hurt my wallet, I found a solution to my snoring without getting a piece cut out of me, which coupled with me sleeping with my wife again, is, personally, a monumental success.