Realizing I Snore, and Snore Loud

The hardest thing to admit is when you have a problem,  it doesn’t have to be an addiction or something similar, it just hast to be something that is personally hard to admit because of pride, fear of rejection, or just plain embarrassment. That was my case when I first learned that I snored, while I was aware that I did, I never realized that it was to a point that it disturbed people to the point that they couldn’t even sleep. Being told by an annoyed friend of a friend was pretty bad, though I thank her now since she did allow me to face my problem.

It all started when I, my friends, and a couple other people went on a camping trip, which started out amazing, with all the adventurous things we did the first day, which included rafting and rock climbing, among other things. It was the day after did I realized that most of the other campers looked like they didn’t get any sleep, incidentally they were the ones that shared the same tent as me, though it would not be long until I realize that it was more connected than I thought it was.

After another adventurous day, while eating dinner I noticed that some of the people wanted to change sleeping arrangements for some reason, though I paid no attention to it. It was when I decided to bunk with one of my friends and change sleeping arrangements too, sleeping in the same tent as one of my previous tent-mates, did she snap and told me the reason why they wanted to change the sleeping arrangement. I might admit that I was pretty outraged that she chose that manner to tell me about my problem, but thinking back, I would be annoyed as well if I was not able to sleep a whole night.

After the camping trip, I decided to go to a doctor to ask if there was anything he can do for me, he did and it lasted quite some time before he came to me with a diagnosis. It seems as though that I was suffering from sleep apnea, he told me all about the dos and don’ts which made everything clearer. The night of the incident, we were all drinking, which as my doctor explained; caused my muscles to relax a bit more increasing the sound of my snoring.

But even without drinking it seems as though I have a tendency to stop breathing while sleeping, right not we are still trying to figure out the cause of my condition, and every night I sleep with a snoring device called a sleep apnea machine, which allows me to continuously breath, by way of forcing air through the use of the machine.

I realize now that I have a serious condition that needed to be dealt with, and while a appreciate my friends trying not to hurt my feelings, it is that one person who told me about how loud I snore that allowed me to deal with my condition and  look for help.