Worst Experience with a Snorer

There is at least one time in our life that we have experience discomfort or the lack of ability to sleep due to the snoring of someone else other than you. My experience was with my uncle during a trip out of town. Though I am quite fond of hanging out with my uncle, and I feel no ill will against him, the nights that I had to share a hotel room was the worst.

Every year my family goes to these big outing around the country, and every year a few of us have to share a room with our youngest uncle. And while uncle Jules is one of the coolest uncles you would ever meet, sharing a room with him is terrible for your sleep. There was even one time when we decided to give him the whole cabin, saying that we wanted to explore the woods at night. Though you could guess that wasn’t exactly a well thought out plan, as we just returned tired from the woods and still being unable to sleep because of our uncle’s snoring.

It was so bad that we had to tell him of his condition, which he already knew about. One trip we even offered to buy him a snoring device, like a MAD, or TSD, or even a sleep apnea device which running motor would have been a sweet lullaby compared to the noise that was my uncle’s snoring.

It was not until one day, after years of every family trip, did I get my vengeance. Apparently I started snoring very loudly later in my life as well, I had already been informed of this, and was waiting for the doctor’s advice on what treatment I should do. But that night I volunteered to sleep in the same room as uncle Jules, whose snore apparently was beaten by mine.

The next day I saw a somewhat tired uncle Jules drinking coffee, my plans has succeeded and I finally got my revenge. And when I was told by my uncle that my snoring was way too loud, I just replied with “don’t worry I have a doctor helping me with that”

So in the end, the worst snorer in life finally met his match.